Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: caroline wedge - Lake Country (Buyer)

"Bill was awesome and very patient with us given that we spent over 3 years looking for a home in Kelowna - thank you Bill for sticking with us!"

By: Whitney, Kelowna (Seller)

"Bill McKay provides excellent service. He is always on time, demonstrates excellent follow through and is always available. He is friendly, honest and professional."

By: Selena Kelowna BC (Buyer)

"This was a stressful time for me, and a challenging move because time was tight, and decisions needed to be made quickly. Bill was professional, and supportive - and made the whole process feel easy. Thank you Bill, couldn’t have done it without you!"

By: Valerie Tribes, Vernon (Seller)

"Bill was professional, patient, and took the time to determine our needs. He spent a lot of time showing us a variety of different properties to help us come to a decision on just what type of home would best suit us. His marketing was spot on, and resulted in a very quick sale for a very good price."

By: Barb & Norm Butler - Westbank (Seller)

"Bill is an amazing realtor, if you are looking for a realtor who is completely honest and totally committed to you and the sale of your home, give Bill a call. He won't necessarily tell you what you want to hear, he will very tactfully tell you what you NEED to hear in order to get your home sold in the least amount of time and for the best price. Bill will act FOR you in all aspects, he listens between the lines and reads people very well. He instinctively knows when to step back and give you time to consider options put before you, as well as knowing when he needs to give you a bit of a jolt to move forward. In a very difficult market, we never once felt ignored or unimportant. It seemed that as soon as we thought we needed to give Bill a call, the phone would ring and it would be Bill, calling to check on us!! Often suggesting the very ideas we were having. We are very grateful to Bill McKay and his Team....Thank you!!"

By: Valerie Tribes, Vernon BC (Buyer)

"Bill McKay was professional, understanding, and took the time to find out just what we were looking for. He was always friendly, respectful, approachable, and kept us in close communication. His attention to detail, and helpful tips and suggestions made the preparation for showing our home much easier, and I feel that made all the difference in our successful sale."

By: Don Stafford Cambridge Ontario (Buyer)

"We wanted south west facing with view of mountains and open balcony etc.. Bill McKay ticked all our boxes.We were on a limited time window moving from Ontario so Bill helped us close on our time schedule Should be Not Applicable boxes in above factors on this page in the survey"

By: Sarah Cook, West Kelowna (Buyer)

"From start to finish Bill was on the ball and effectively communicated all the details and information needed to secure this property. Via text, in person or email Bill was professional and friendly and made the whole process stress free. I would highly recommend."

By: Caroline Tucker - West Kelowna (Buyer)

"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bill to anyone looking to buy a property. He was helpful, patient, knowledagbe and most of all easy to communicate with. 10/10 for Bill!!"

By: James and Elizabeth Hughes (Seller)

"My husband contacted Bill McKay by phone, just to get a feel for the real estate market in this area and felt immediately comfortable, due to Bill's relaxed, yet professional demeanor. Bill was easy to talk with and most importantly, was not overly aggressive or pushy in his conversations with us."

By: Betty Bowman and Richard Prince, 1696 Tower Ranch Drive, Kelowna (Buyer)

"Bill is an outstanding realtor, he has bent over back wards to help us any way he could before our purchase, during our purchase and now that we are in our home. I hope Century 21 knows what an amazing person they have working for them. I have not dealt with Century 21 before but if everyone is an excellent realtor as Bill McKay I would surely recommend them. However I would definitely recommend Bill to anyone who needs a realtor in this area. He is the best there is! Most of these questions have nothing to do with how we ended up with Bill, we are very happy it turning out that way since he is very knowledgeable, listened to our needs and when we went back to Manitoba he was constantly in contact with homes that fit our criteria. Bill has all of the above characteristics and more, he is the best realtor I have ever dealt with."

By: Shekhar Choudhary Grand forks BC (Buyer)

"Thanks Bill I really appreciate your knowledge and help to make my purchase smoother. I wish you all the best for your future. Thanks Sam"

By: Lori M, Kelowna BC (Buyer)

"I was a bit of a “challenging” client, having a lower budget in a high market, and a long wish list that I wasn’t willing to give too much on. Bill was very patient and thorough, helping me narrow down possibilities. After many months of searching, Bill found an off market home that had everything I was looking for that was in my price range. Thanks Bill for all your hard work!"

By: Thomas Morton - Kelowna (Seller)

"Bill did a great job from start to finish. He had a high level of professionalism, and is very easy to work with. Thank you Bill for making this go as smoothly as it possibly could."

By: Neil gallagher Medicine Hat Ab (Buyer)

"I myself have had a very possative experience and havnt just given Bill good marks to futility your survey it’s because he went above and beyond to ensure a smooth transition for myself and family. Well done Bill your a credit and embasador to Centuary 21."

By: Darrell Dobson West Kelowna (Buyer)

"Bill was very helpful and patient in my search for a new home. Easy to talk to and answered all calls and emails quickly."

By: Rosa Lee , Kelowna (Seller)

"I found Bill Mackay very professional , he knows what he is doing regarding pricing , marketing and negotiating also I found him supportive giving me realistic advice I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you Bill for selling my house , by the way , last year my house was listed by other broker of the other company and nothing happened ,"

By: Kevin and Wrenetta Sinclair, Abbotsford, BC (Seller)

"Thanks Bill for all the help on the sale of our house. You did a great job in getting a buyer within a very short time. Everything was taken care of and we had nothing to worry about. I would definitely recommend Bill to our family and friends."

By: Kim Burbine, Kelowna BC (Buyer)

"Bill listened to our concerns as well as our wishes very well. He took the time to understand our wants and needs. I would recommend Bill to my friends and family as he is very respectful and always keeps your wishes in mind."

By: Regine Kordan (Buyer)

"We were very pleased to have Bill on our team for purchasing our home. He was great to deal with, found us every property available in this slim market, showed us countless homes till we found one that worked for us. He was always reachable and on time. Made time for us any time of day and made sure our deal went thru and we got our home. Even after the buy he answered to our concerns and resolved any issues that came up. We appreciate his help and patience and would gladly buy with him again."

By: Cathy Armes, Kelowna British Columbia (Seller)

"Selling our mother's home was bound to be a difficult process. When there is more than one person/family to deal with I'm sure it's going to be daunting. Fortunately our realtor, Bill McKay was able to step in and help guide our family. Bill was able to help us agree on a price that was aggressive yet certainly possible. We listed the house and then went to San Francisco on a short vacation. Imagine our surprise when the phone rang the next day and we had not one full ask offer but two! Bill did all the work for us before he let us know so we didn't have to waste another minute; we accepted the offer with absolutely no subjects! Because of the latest technology, we were able to sign the documents over a glass of wine at Fisherman's Wharf while he got in contact with my sister-in-law to do the same. I have sold several houses in the past and this was far and beyond the best experience I've ever had. Not just the quick sale but pricing the house at a fair price we could all agree on. I have found realtors to overprice our properties only to have to bring the price down a few weeks later. Bil knew the market, the neighborhood and had the contacts to find us an out of town buyer in less than 24 hours. If that's not the perfect setup, I really don't know what is! I'm not quite ready to list my current house but when I do, I will not hesitate to use Bill again and highly recommend him to all my friends and family, something I would not do without 100% conviction."

By: Adam Mukasa & Alanna Maxwell Kelowna (Buyer)

"Very friendly, extremely helpful. His availability was outstanding A pleasure to work with"

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